Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Use Virgin Coconut Oil

How to Use Virgin Coconut Oil

Just like the tree where it came from, virgin coconut oil is remarkable by the myriad of ways it can be use. Every drop of virgin coconut oil is truly worth it.

· Cook with it. Fry or roast your foods with it. In recipes that need butter, margarine and other vegetable oils, virgin coconut oil is a good alternative.

· Eat it. Include it in your daily diet. Roast potatoes and other vegetable oils with coconut oil. Make your porridge healthier and tastier by adding a few drops of virgin coconut oil. You can include it in rice, pasta, or as a delicious spread for breads or crackers. There are actually a lot of tasty recipes you can make using virgin coconut oil. You can also choose to just eat it by the spoonful.

· Drink it. Add it to your favorite beverages like tea and coffee. It also goes well with shakes and smoothies. Or you can simply mix the oil with hot water and drink it.

· Apply it. Virgin coconut oil makes an excellent skin moisturizer and hair conditioner. Massage it in your skin as a lotion. Apply it on your scalp and wash with shampoo after 30 minutes. You can also leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.

· Use it as a vitamin. Strengthen your body and stay fit naturally. Regular consumption of virgin coconut oil is guaranteed to keep your health in tip-top state. It will improve your immune system, and increase your energy among others.

· Use it as a medicine. Virgin coconut oil can be used to heal a lot of diseases from common to chronic. It is the wonder drug in the form of oil.

· Other uses. Virgin coconut oil is versatile. Apply coconut oil mix with peppermint oil on skin for an effective insect repellant. It can also be used to heal animal wounds. Add it to dog’s food to cure epilepsy. Researchers say that coconut oil can even be used as a biodiesel engine fuel.


Never use the microwave in heating coconut oil. If you want it warm, soak the bottle in a pan of hot water.

There is no need to refrigerate virgin coconut oil as it has a long shelf life.

Virgin coconut oil becomes solid when added in cold foods. It is therefore not suggested to be used as a dressing for cold salads.

Virgin coconut oil in solid form makes a delicious sandwich spread. People from areas of warmer climates (where it is liquid most of the time) can refrigerate it.

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