Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Virgin Coconut Oil of Youth (Fight Aging Effortlessly)

The Virgin Coconut Oil of Youth (Fight Aging Effortlessly)

Aging is inevitable. Something we all can’t escape. But who wants to grow old? Everybody wants to preserve their youthful vigor and stay young forever. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Aging is all in the mind. And virgin coconut oil is here to let you defy the laws of nature and reverse the passing of time.

The reason why a lot of people dread old age is the fact that it is associated with a lot of unpleasant things like failing health, memory loss and wrinkles. For some, it can be a very inconvenient and miserable phase. To grow old gracefully, start making necessary changes in your lifestyle now

Why do You Grow Old?

Free radicals are the culprit These are highly reactive molecules missing an electron. In an effort to achieve stability, they steal electrons from other molecules causing other molecules to become free radicals. It produces a chain reaction that affects thousands of molecules. Free radicals attack the cells and this may lead to cell mutation and death. Some researchers consider it as the main cause of aging. A lot of diseases are also associated with free radicals. To prevent aging and sickness, free radicals should not be permitted to enter our body. This however is impossible as it is produced as a part of a normal cellular respiration. Pollutants and other environmental toxins also cause free radicals.

Load Your Body with Antioxidants.

Antioxidant is you body’s natural defense against free radicals. It can stop the chain reaction of free radicals. The amount of antioxidants inside your body depends upon the nutrients we consume. However, antioxidants can also be applied on skin to prevent sagging and unsightly wrinkles. If you are already experiencing signs of aging on your skin, chances are the same free radical damage is happening inside your body.

To prevent premature aging, eat foods rich with vitamins C and E and of course use virgin coconut oil regularly. This will slow down the aging process and will keep you looking and feeling young all over.

Don’t let the years show on your face. Make your retirement years worthwhile and fulfilling. Use virgin coconut oil

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