Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Virgin Coconut Oil "Superior Weapon Against Deadly Cancer"

Virgin Coconut Oil "Superior Weapon Against Deadly Cancer"

There are some things in this world that we all dread to hear. Something no one hopes to experience. And a physician confirming that you are afflicted with fatal cancer is definitely one of it! But thanks to virgin coconut oil, there is after all a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation.

It is a sad truth that so many people are afflicted with this fatal disease. Cancer ranks second in the leading cause of death statistics of the United States. It is said that approximately one million people acquire cancer each year.

There are various types of cancer but one characteristic that all cancer diseases share is the rapid growth of abnormal cells in the body. Normal cells follow a regular cycle of growth, division and death. In the early stage of life, there is rapid cellular activity. But cells of a healthy adult person only divide to replace dying cells and to heal damage caused by injuries.

Cancer cells keep on growing and dividing and create abnormal cells. Cancer cells may spread and cause problems to other parts of the body. This is triggered by a damage to DNA. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells cannot repair damaged DNA. Damaged DNA can be acquired through hereditary means or environmental exposure. Most cancers (but not all) are manifested by a tumor.

The chance of a cancer patient to survive depends largely on how soon the disease was diagnosed and given necessary treatments. Radical change in one’s diet and lifestyle is also prescribed.

The Miracle Cure

Virgin coconut oil can be used as a weapon to fight cancer and save precious lives. This statement is proven not only by numerous testimonies of cancer survivors but with the results of medical studies.

Regular consumption of virgin coconut oil will strengthen the immune system. Only a strong immune system can defeat the formation of cancer cells before they can create major damage. Developing a strong immune system is the first step in prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Virgin coconut oil can also cure skin cancer as proven in a study where coconut oil is applied on the skin of mice which were applied with cancer causing chemicals. Several applications of virgin coconut oil stopped tumor development. Therefore, virgin coconut oil can alter the composition of tumor tissue and thus inhibit tumor growth.

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