Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Virgin Coconut Oil and Your Feet

You may spend so much time in the mirror applying the perfect make-up or in the gym sculpting your body to perfection. But always remember that true beauty is holistic, meaning you make an effort to ensure that every part of your body is taken cared of.

One body part that is often neglected but is nevertheless important to look good is the feet. Feet should be given special care because it is one of the most used and abused body part. It acts as the body’s shock absorber as it supports the body weight and protects the knees, spine and hips.

So pampering your feet will make you feel better and recharged. A clean and moisturized feet is also nice to look at and a source of envy for many.

If you want to have beautiful feet, then virgin coconut oil is one natural foot care solution you can try.

Virgin Coconut Oil and Your Feet

VCO is an effective cure for an embarrassing foot disease- the athletes foot because it has antifungal properties. Other bacterial infection on feet will also be prevented.
As an effective moisturizer, rub VCO on your feet either after taking a bath or before going to sleep. It will cure your cracked heels and soften your feet.

Corns and calluses will also be healed by applying virgin coconut oil.

Soak your feet in warm water that is sprinkled with a little salt and a few drops of virgin coconut oil.

You can make your own foot cream using VCO. Combine 3 ounce of shea butter, a half ounce of virgin coconut oil and ¼ ounce of cocoa butter. Let the mixture melt slowly in a microwave oven or a double boiler. When it is clear liquid add 30-40 drops of essential oils. Wait for five minutes before stirring in the essential oil and then refrigerate.

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